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My story

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I have such clear memories of the beginning of my life with music.† I wanted to be a drummer so badly.† I played concerts for my family though I had no drum set.† I charged them a nickel a piece to come into our living room to listen to me beat on the couch with drumsticks and sing songs I had written about snow, my sisters boyfriend or school.† That was about the age of 7 or 8 I think and that led onto a† long road of playing drums with various bands for many years.† I grew up in the Memphis music scene and was influenced by all the sounds from that area.† Throughout this time I began honing my songwriting skills, learning to play more instruments and released 4 CDs of my own songs through the years.† In 2002 I moved to Nashville with a band mate from Memphis and started busting it every night at all the writerís nights around town. Eventually I auditioned for and became part of the world famous Bluebirdís Sunday night writerís showcase.

I now live in the suburbs of Nashville with my wife Jennifer, my sons Blake and Luke and our old dog named Pippy.

I believe that music moves people in a way that nothing else can.† If you decide to purchase a custom written song as a gift for someone they will love it like no other gift.


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