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Below are the options for the custom songwriting services I offer.  Please read the descriptions and if you have any other questions please fee free to contact me at

Custom songs written for all occasions. A great gift for anyone!


This is a very personal, and completely custom song for literally any occasion. The music and lyrics will be completely customized to your occasion and for the person or group for who it is written.  I will try to accommodate any style of music asked for but there are limitations. The process takes from about 6 to 10 days. Last minute rush jobs can be made for additional fees. Initially you will contact me and I will get as much information about the person or event that I will be writing the song about and then have you proof read the lyrics for accuracy. After that I will spend a few days writing a melody and making a quality recording of the song.  The songs can be given for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, graduations or any other life event.  The cost, including writing, recording , CD and MP3 creation and shipping is $125.00 E-mail if you need more information or you can pay below to get started on your amazing gift.  Check out comments from previous customers here.

Fully Customized Song

This song is based of pre-made musical templates with a pattern of lyrics with gaps to allow for names, pet names, special dates, etc. The process takes about 4 days to create. Current templates available are for adult birthdays, child birthday (boy and girl), valentines day,  anniversaries and graduations. Slightly less than custom but still a great gift. $70.00 E-mail if you need more information or pay below.

Template Based Song COMING SOON

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