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Text Box: Going Nowhere Fast

A collection of songs that move from down right twang to hilarious to heartfelt and lyrically powerful.

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1. That Aint Me

2. When Her Crazy Kicks In

3. Missing You Again

4. What If You’re Wrong

5. Keep Your Truckin Hands Off My Girl

6. Live Like Yount To

7. When It Gets That Bad

8. TMI

9. Too Country

10. Twenty Beers Ago

11. Good Girl

12. Pounding Booze

13. You Love To Lie

14. The F In Forget

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A Review of “Going Nowhere Fast”

Tommy Jones is country or so he proudly proclaims on the country track "Too Country" where he acknowledges he will never have crossover commercial success. His voice does have a country twang and does make one remember Johnny Cash to a certain extent BUT "Going Nowhere Fast" isn't necessarily a country record or at least not your typical one. This CD from Tommy Jones runs the gauntlet from traditional country (the fine opener "That Ain't Me"), rockabilly (the hilarious and frightening true to life "TMI"), and even cowpunk on "You Love to Lie". The rocking "When Her Crazy Kicks In", a standout track, sounds like Warren Zevon in his prime."Live Like Y'ount To" is a solid redneck anthem. "Missing You Again" is a cleverly written tune that has flashes of 80's new wave rock. You got to love the wordplay and power behind "Keep Your Truckin' Hands Off My Girl". "Twenty Beers Ago" is another well written tune with a catchy beat that may or may not be a country song, depends how ya hear it! "What If You're Wrong" would be at home on modern country radio. An emotional tune with a commercial sound, Tommy's country twang keeps this CD in country territory but the driving music definitely has it on the outskirts of country territory at times. Despite the diversity of the album, it all meshes together well and flows very smooth. This CD is a showcase for the great songwriting abilities of Tommy Jones that lie at the core of this CD. A very unique and enjoyable release that the ol' Gator highly recommends.

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