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What former customers say...

Often at a loss for what gift to buy, I try to think of gifts that are creative and special. Three times when I have been in such a predicament I have decided to purchase a custom song from Tommy Jones, and all three times I have been thrilled with the outcome. I love the song, the recipient loves the song, and the gift lasts forever. It is perhaps the most personal gift a person can give. I suppose it would be more personal if I were singing, but then the recipient would not be so pleased... but now I'm rambling when I should be saying that Tommy's personalized songs are fabulous in that they are so unique to each person. The song for my dad was a purely bluegrass cowboy song, the song for my mother was an easy tune without so much twang, and the graduation song for my best friend with whom I always watch Muppet movies was modeled after a typical Muppet song. All three were completely distinct and completely suited to the person. Tommy Jones has shown me that he can write a song for anyone, and I will not be disappointed. I am so happy with Tommy's personalized songs, I look forward to buying them in the future just so I can hear the finished product.

 Joanna Kendall  Memphis, TN




 I had already spent a lot of time and money getting our daughter all the best graduation presents when I read Tommy Jones' pitch for custom songwriting.  It was almost the last minute and it was pretty cheap, but in a very short time I had what really turned out to be the 'best gift ever'.  I just sent Tommy some info about what she likes and the general message I wanted to convey.  In a few days he sent me lyrics for review, but I thought they were perfect.  Within a week, I had a link to a demo recording and the next week I received a professionally done CD - complete with high-quality packaging.The song of course has special personal meaning within our family, but I can honestly say that it is a great song in itself.  Having been introduced to the songwriting talents of Tommy Jones before, I was confident that he would produce something real, honest, and memorable - and I was not disappointed. After all this time, if you ask my daughter what she got for her graduation she'll be hard pressed to name the rest of them but you can be sure she remembers "her song"!

  Robert Alexander   Texas


 "I wanted a special gift for Mother's Day and after asking a few questions and a couple of days, Tommy had a song.  Even though he offered to make changes, the song was perfect.  My mom said it's the best present she's ever received (except the ones I made for her as a child, of course)."

Lesley Spoor, Nashville, TN


I want to take this moment to send you a Thank You. The song you did for me called “My Northern Girl” was extraordinarily well done. It was much more than I expected when I set out on this journey. During the first stages you were able to pull the right stuff from what I gave you which was quite a lengthy list of ‘stuff’’. You also asked the right questions about things only the two of us would know.

I made a couple of minor changes but realized after I heard the song for the first time that your choice of wording was better than mine. I requested one change however but you worked well with the change I requested and the song is great as is. Libby was amazed by the song and totally caught off guard. All she knew was I was planning a surprise for her. The surprise was this great song. She said she never has received a better gift from anyone.

Thanks again!

David Hermanson  Ontario, Canada



Dear Tommy,

    I am writing this note to thank you for your part in putting this song together for me from David Hermanson as it was the most emotional, loving, thoughtful event that has ever happened to me. Of course I cried tears of joy and continue to do so all day today each time I listen to it. He is a remarkable, passionate man whom I will be spending the rest of my life with and again thank you so much for sharing all your talent with us!


Sincerely, Libby Harrington  Ontario, Canada

“Tommy worked with my daughter to create the most memorable birthday gift I’ve ever received—a hilarious, masterfully produced tune about me! I love it!”  -Pat Kendall, Memphis